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It has long been a goal of mine to design a deck like the Innocence Playing Cards. Extremely detailed drawings in combination with familiar looking face cards astonish without giving you the feel of an overloaded deck of cards.

If there is only one deck I could use for the rest of my life, I would choose this one.
- 1 gaff card.
- 8 of Spades duplicate.
- Classic paper stock.
- Air Cushion Finish.
- Printed by the US Playing Card Company.
A very close friend of mine has drawn the woman you see on the back design more as a sketch. She showed it to me and I loved it. A picture is worth a thousand words and this is the best example for it. I couldn't resist. I had to design a deck around it.
What I see in this image is different from what she saw. I see a person who has fought countless times. A Person who carries the whole world on her shoulders. A person who is tired of fighting; but nevertheless this person would never give up.
It may appear as he has given up, but also a true fighter has to gather their strength from time to time. I tried to express her power and ambition on the Ace of Spades. You can see she is determined and ready to reach her goal. No matter what.
If you don't play with cards every day you probably won't recognize all changes on the standard looking face cards. A deliberately decision. It's the mix between extraordinary drawings and familiar looking playing card elements that makes this deck so special. There is no unnecessary clutter and the Innocence deck doesn't lose the look of an ordinary deck of cards.
I always try to add more details on the court cards. Different faces etc. If you have one of my Black Roses Playing Cards you already know that. In the Innocence deck I only changed two faces. The Queen of Clubs and the King of Diamonds. All the other court cards have standard faces. The Innocence deck is a very personal deck that's why nobody else would fit into the deck.
The Innocence deck is my first deck with a seal sticker and of course I couldn‘t just do something ordinary.
The seal is a good example of the work on this deck. You can see a hand which was drawn with 1178 dots. It took me nearly two days to draw it. It's a small detail most people will overlook, and yet one must tear it apart to open the deck.
Dotwork is the main art style of this deck which also makes it so fascinating to look at."
• The cards are poker size.
• Created by Daniel Schneider.

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