DVD 1 - Fire in the Hole

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DVD 1 - Fire in the Hole



'Fire In The Hole' - A flash restoration using a pyro paper 'granade'. Huron offers the original plus 2 varations of this effect which are instant killers and magician foolers.

A card is freely selected and is signed twice on the back by a spectator, on the top and on the bottom. Details are then written on the face of the card, making the card significantly unique. ANY signature is selected and cleanly sliced out with a pen-knife.

A "time bomb" is introduced and placed over the hole.

The bomb is lit and bursts into flames, enveloping the hole in a swirl of fire, VISUALLY SEALING the hole, blasting the card back in time so it is now FULLY RESTORED.

The card is then immediately handed out for examination and can be kept by the spectator as a souvenir, the effect, scorched into his mind for eternity.


Extremely visual.
The card is freely selected, no forces or duplicates.
The card can be signed on both sides by the spectators.
Only ONE card is used in the whole routine, the one the spectator keeps as a souvenir. An ingenious gimmick that can be used over and over again makes it all possible.
The card is fully examinable before and after the effect.
The reset time is a mere 3 seconds.
All the effects have MULTI-ANGLED studio performances and tutorials and explain everything in vivid detail.
Multiple handlings of Fire in the Hole including fire and non-fire restorations.

DVD 2 - 'Four' By Huron Low

Four effects that change the way you will look at the torn and restored plot forever.

After embracing the principles that led to the Fire in the Hole revolution, Huron Low's new understanding has made him even more intrigued with the plot.

He experimented with card mismatches, color changes, gradual regeneration of cards, the manipulation of ink on a card, spitting of a ripped piece back onto a card and more.

This led to the birth of an entire series of T&Rs, brand new takes in leagues of their own!


Any card is selected by the spectator, who signs all over its face with permanent ink.

The angel at the back of the signed bicycle card is then colored a solid black with the same marker.

The magician blows over the ink, even rubbing it with his fingertips, proving that it is a permanent mark over the now dark angel.

With a gentle wave the ink on the angel visually fades away, morphing back into the angel; the signature on its face still permanently etched on, a symbol of the impossible occurrence.

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