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Effect: A deck of cards cuts itself by levitation to reveal a spectator's selected card or to magically find your favorite four of a kind.

If you have ever wanted to perform a levitation close up and personal, without the many drawbacks of prior methods, NOW YOU CAN!

No more threads
No more magnets
No more gimmick decks (YES you can just as easily use a borrowed deck!)
Michael Boden and Troy Hooser are releasing the UP LEVITATION gimmick to the magic community with the realization of... yes a levitation that looks this good... can easily be accomplished by the everyday performer.

The gimmick's brilliant design takes the worry out of "is this a levitation I will actually use?"

The UP LEVITATION gimmick has been designed to be worry free of extensive set ups or concealment. Now you can use a normal deck of cards that has been in play or even borrow one, without having to worry about how difficult it is to get in and out of the effect.

The spectator's freely selected card is returned to the deck and the deck is openly ribbon spread upon the table, (showing the lack of card control and hand concealment of any kind) the deck is then squared and openly held in you left hand as the magic begins... the deck slowly separates, levitating upwards dividing itself into two halves... then just as eerily the top half of the deck floats back down into the palm of your waiting hand... the deck is then separated at the point of levitated separation to reveal that the spectator's selected card has been found by levitation.

Finding your favorite four of a kind has never been more magical as the the deck slowly separates once again, levitating upwards into two halves, but this time you take the bottom half completely away as the top half slowly floats down into your empty waiting left palm! Now the two halves of the levitated deck are tabled and displayed to reveal FOUR ACES at the point of levitated separation.

The UP LEVITATION gimmick is the final answer to a close UP LEVITATION, with worry free pre-show setups. The gimmick's unique design stabilizes the up and down movement of the deck for you and its streamline shape makes it easily added to any deck of cards. Michael and Troy's DVD will teach you with step by step instruction, just how easily this amazing levitation is to perform.

You will also learn how to use your UP LEVITATION gimmick to cleverly force a card as Troy teaches you "The Up Force." The UP FORCE is a truly new concept that you will want to add to your arsenal of forcing techniques.

Bonus effect includes Michael's "THE VANISH" Now you see it... Now you don't... has never been more visually real, as you watch Michael's vanish a full deck of cards!

Learn how to make your own gimmick that will let you display a full deck of cards and without anything more than between the hands cover. The deck instantly vanishes and is found in your pocket!

The UP LEVITATION / UP FORCE and THE VANISH are diabolical methods to visually impressive effects, that will delight you with the thought of, "Why didn't I think of that?"

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