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A compilation of about 20 tricks and moves, mostly but by no means all using cards. There's definitely something in here for everyone, and the difficulty is in the 1-3 range. I'll give a rundown of all the effects in a minute.

The real charm of this DVD is its informal and light-hearted approach. David Acer filmed the various bits in different locations around the world while touring and attending magic conventions. Interspersed between the effects are occasional outtakes, clips from Acer's appearances on TV shows, and a lot of fooling around and joking with other magicians. (Acer's "demonstration" of equivoque must be seen to be believed!)

Several of the effects on this DVD were invented by other magicians, who demonstrate and teach them here. Between these guest appearances and the more general fooling about, there are plenty of different people and different approaches to watch, which keeps interest high.

I picked mine up in Magicbox's DVD sale for just £9.99. Well worth it.

The Effects
On Screen - A selected card passes through your TV screen and into the programme. Difficulty 1.
Big Time - By making a circle with finger and thumb, you magnify a selected card and then the entire deck. Difficulty 2/3.
Brisk Change - Fast visual transformation of one card into another. Difficulty 2/3.
Carlo's Bands (Jimmy Carlo) - A rubber band penetration with an intriguing delay: the bands are stretched right out before they penetrate. Difficulty 1/2.
Postcards from the Dead - A spectator addresses a blank postcard. The card is wrapped in a cloth, visible spirit writing ensues, and the postcard now bears a ghostly message. Difficulty 1.
Fanfare (Patrik Kuffs) - An indifferent card is inserted partway into a card fan. With a quick snap it jumps from the fan and turns into the selected card. Difficulty 2.
Double Kicker (Romaine) - A selected card is lost in the deck, and ends up turning itself over. It is then spelled down to. Difficulty 3.
Action Riffle Pass (Romaine) - Method for doing a pass under cover of riffling the deck. Difficulty 3.
Tabletop Table-Tap One-Hand Top Palm Plus (Romaine) - Method for ensuring a palmed card is properly aligned. Difficulty 3.
Four on the Floor - A random card is set aside as a prediction. The spectator's selected card changes to suit the prediction, and simultaneously finds the other two cards of the same value. Difficulty 3.
BJ's Honey Cut (Barry Julien) - A flashy false cut. Difficulty 3.
On Bended Knee - Fast visual transformation of one coin to another. Difficulty 2/3.
On Bended Knee Variation (Jay Sankey) - A coin vanishes and reappears before being transformed into another. Difficulty 2/3.
New Millennium Ace-Deuce-Trey - The A-2-3 of Clubs prove their power. The 3 rises to the top of the deck, the 2 passes from top to bottom, and the Ace turns itself over in the middle. Difficulty 3.
Inverted Turnover Pass - A move used in the above effect. A card is inserted into the deck and turns itself over. Difficulty 3.
Spice Rack - Grab the saltcellar from the table and stretch it. Difficulty 1/2.
Step Control (Alain Choquette) - A selected card is lost in the deck and instantly appears on the bottom. Difficulty 1 (yes, 1!).
Caffeine Overdose - An impromptu coffee-shop presentation of a classic optical illusion. Difficulty 1.
Prelude to Macdonald's Aces - Three freely selected cards turn into the four aces. Difficulty 3.
Ultimate Aces (Michel Huot) - Aces turn into indifferent cards, and indifferent cards turn into aces. Difficulty 3.
Spring Change (Michel Huot) - A move used in the previous effect. Cards change their identities while being sprung from hand to hand. Difficulty 2/3.

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