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POR FIN, PODEMOS OFRECERLE LOS MEJORES TRES DVD DE CARTAS, DE ESTE EXCEPCIONAL ARTISTA, CON TRUCOS REALMENTE ESPECTACULARES .**********Fernando Keops has been performing for more than 30 years in some of the world's most prestigious venues. His television credits include more than 200 appearances on such shows as “That’s Incredible” and “The Five Greatest Close-Up Magicians in the World” in addition to six of his own one-hour specials in his home country of Mexico. His list of awards includes just about every honor the magic world bestows with prizes from FISM, the Magic Castle, IBM, and many more.
$34.95 each, $99.95 3-vol set
(DVD only)
"Fernando Keops is truly an
international artist of the highest quality."

"Fernando is a very special artist, unique and one of a kind.
His work with cards is plain incredible!"

"I was truly astonished at his deftness with cards."

There have been video productions in the past where a sleight of hand performer has demonstrated the arcane skills of the card cheat. However, for the first time, one of the finest sleight of hand artists in the world not only demonstrates his consummate skill but explains—in minute detail—every nuance in these dynamic moves and makes it possible for you to learn them, too. In this video, you'll enter the shadowy world of the card cheat and though there will be more than a few instances where you’ll swear you’re watching special effects, you will actually be watching one of the world's best card men in action. Then, you’ll join Fernando in an intimate one-on-one session where he’ll tip all of the work. First you’ll be astonished and then—with a bit of practice—you’ll be astonishing others.

•Second Dealing
•Bottom Dealing
•Center Deal
•One Hand Center Deal
•False Cut #1 (Gambler’s Cut)
•False Cut #2 (The Pass)
•Hand Mucking
•One Hand Estimation
•Culling & Stacking
•Culling & Stacking Demonstration
•Three Card Monte

Special Bonus Section
(performance only):
◦Appearing Aces
◦Oil and Water
◦Deck Separation

◦Second Deal (Strike Second)
◦Double Push Off Second Deal
◦The Sail
◦Stud Second Deal
◦Extra Fancy Second Deal
◦One Handed Second Deal
◦One Handed Second Deal - Both Hands
◦Second Deal in 60 seconds
◦Second Deal in 60 seconds #2
◦Bottom Deal
◦Center Deal
◦One Hand Center Deal
◦False Cut (Gambler’s Cut)
◦Gambler’s Cut with One Hand
◦Second False Cut (The Pass)
◦Hand Mucking
◦First Estimation (Any Number of Cards Cut)
◦Second Estimation
◦One Handed Estimation
◦Stacking (Riffle Shuffle)
◦Culling & Stacking Demonstration
◦Three Card Monte

In this video, you’ll see the esoteric skills of the card cheat used to accomplish effects that truly appear to be miracles. There’s a great difference between card tricks and card magic, and what Fernando Keops performs in this exceptional presentation can only be classified as the latter. This is magic that’s beautiful to watch and a joy to perform—and perform it you will as Fernando Keops, following the exciting performance, sits down and carefully teaches the devilishly clever methods behind each and every effect.

◦Think of a Card
◦2nd Deal Effects (Ace Through Ten)
◦Stop Trick
◦Jumbo Prediction
◦Bottom Deal Trick
◦Hand Mucking Prediction
◦Center Deal Demonstration
◦Center Deal Tips
◦Five Changes
◦Center Deal from 4 Parts of the Deck
◦Impossible Estimation

Special Bonus (performance only):
◦Aces and Kings
◦Point of Departure

Elegant, poetic and astonishing. These are all words that describe the magic of Fernando Keops. On this video, Fernando Keops’ focus is on magic—but, as you’ll soon see, it’s magic created by an artist and that speaks to the soul. Even seasoned magicians will gasp at many of the miracles presented here. Then, after the show is over, Fernando will show you how all of it is done.

◦Chink a Chink with Dice
◦Mambo Aces
◦Presto Switch
◦Coins Across
◦Disappearing Coins
◦Spin Move
◦Ambitious Card Applications
◦Color Change with Spin Move
◦Three Ball Transposition
◦Super Portable Hole
◦Mini 20th Century

Special Bonus (performance only):
◦Ball and Vase
◦Benzais Spin
◦Impossible Sandwich
◦Marlo’s Pet Effect

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