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Nothing is a great routine that Eggink uses as an opener. He shows a silk and mysteriously produces a coin from it, which is followed by a drink or bottle and then his shoe. It's a series of fast productions with a comical ending that keeps spectators guessing and off balance.
His Ambitious Card offers the usual plot where a card mysteriously rises to the top of the deck. Here, Eggink offers some nice variations. Watch-Up is a sponge ball routine, actually, Eggink uses Jay Sankey's sponge earplugs, which provide cover for the watch steal.

In the Pocket is something of a "homing card" effect where a spectator's card repeatedly travels into the magician's pocket. I like Eggink's work here and the effect is a good one to alternate with ambitious card in walk-around situations so different groups of spectators see different effects.

Bending Backwards

After Bend is Eggink’s single-phase spoon bending routine. Interestingly, he performs this one in eating establishments, which I think is a problem. Even if you provide your own spoons, such a routine encourages patrons to pick-up spoons and see if they can bend them, which is not a great way to stay in good graces with your restaurant or bar employer.
Pure, the DVD’s namesake, is an offbeat and different card under glass and prediction effect. You bring out a deck of cards and state that in a moment you will place a prediction card underneath a glass that's sitting on the table. The next time spectators look, there is indeed a face down "prediction card" that mysteriously found its way there.

A spectator selects a card and it's shown that the prediction card under the glass matches. At this point, you say that you could accomplish this effect by using a trick deck where all of the cards are the same. You then show that the deck to made up entirely of jokers. This is a commercial and powerful routine that slays spectators.


A bonus effect, The Endeavour is a rather esoteric rising card effect that will appeal more to magicians than lay people. A card is inserted into the deck and it's position slowly rises in the deck until gradually, it reaches the top of the deck. It's the only effect that falls somewhat out of Eggink’s commercial premise for this DVD.
To make the best use of this DVD, you'll need a foundation in basic card moves. Eggink assumes that you can already execute these moves when he explains the routines.

Real World

The performance segments are real world so you can see spectators' strong reactions. One gimmick is that the video was apparently shot by a spectator who was watching Eggink perform, and in this regard, the results are mixed. Sometimes the cameras veer away from the action and the sound quality is mixed.
There are a number of DVDs on the market where pros teach the routines that they perform for lay-people. But Eggink's DVD is a good one. I particularly liked the Nothing opener and his Pure card under glass/prediction effect.

If you want to perform for the general public, this DVD will teach you routines that will get you well on your way.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

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