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Tony Giorgio who is a recognized expert in the methods employed by card and dice cheaters reveals the authentic sleight of hand methods employed by "hold-out men" in this two-disc set of DVDs. Mr. Giorgio has spent more than 20 years meeting and playing with hundreds of handmuckers, machine men, bust-out men, steers, front-men, spot finders, two-dealers, cellar-dealers, spreaders, cold-deckers, run-up men, check coppers, paper-players, painters, scratch players, slick sleeve and bean shooter players. During his travels and play, he learned from the top hold-out men in the world and invented and used many of his own moves which he now reveals. The DVDs also include lengthy discussions and demonstrations of the art of concealment and the attitudes that allay suspicion. You will see and learn the moves that "get the money."

The Ultimate Work: Handmucking Part One:

Contents include: Machine Break-Off (9 methods and applications), Magician's Palm (2 methods), Handmuckers' Acquitments, Introducing Held Out Cards, Cleaning Up, Held Out Cards While Raking In Pot, Retaining Held Out Cards, Blackjack Switch (2 methods), Hole Card Switch (3 methods), Two Card Switch, Instantaneous Blackjack Switch, Jerry The Gimp, One-Handed Break-Off, Skinning The Hand, and more.

The Ultimate Work: Handmucking Part Two:

Contents include: Capping The Deck (3 methods), Break-Off For Capping The Deck (3 methods), Gin Rummy Applications (4 methods), Stealing A Card (2 methods), Anywhere You Choose, Four Ace Switch (2 methods), Aces To Pocket, The Ultimate Steal, Replacements (4 methods), Color Change, The Ribbon Trick, The Brush and more.
The Ultimate Work Series is not sold to teach card cheating. It is intended to show how the art of the card mechanic can be applied to the art of magic. Please note that these are DVD-Rs and might not play on all machines. Produced by Tony Giorgio.

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