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DVD MAG CARD DVD "Mag Card DVD" is a kit that allows you to make your own magnetic cards. While such cards aren’t tricks in themselves, they allow you to perform three effects that are explained on the accompanying DVD. The DVD offers thorough instructions on making your own cards and the resulting tricks are good ones. Three Effects In addition to the magnetic card, the three effects require the use of a “PK ring.” In the strongest effect, “Poltergeist Deck,” a variation on “Haunted Pack,” a deck of cards that’s sitting on a table mysteriously cuts itself to reveal a spectator’s chosen card. This method, while mystifying, requires that your hands be relatively close to the pack and that the spectator’s card be only five or six cards down from the top. The conventional method for performing “Haunted Pack,” on the other hand, allows the spectator’s card to be buried in the middle of the deck and creates a stronger effect because your hands are further away. Of course, the conventional method also has its own drawbacks due to its gimmick. Penetrations and Stars The “coin through deck” is another great effect. A box of cards is placed on top of a glass and a coin is laid on top of the pack of cards. The magician hits the top of the deck and the coin appears to pass through the deck of cards into the glass. Good effect, but you don’t necessarily need to rely on magnetic cards to perform this one. There are other ways to alter the pack--it’s the gimmicks in the coins and the PK ring that make the effect happen. The “Card Star” is an offbeat effect where a magician forms a star of cards that “stick” to his hand, somehow defying gravity. Of the effects here, this was my least favorite as I think that spectators will suspect that the ring plays a role. Magnetic Magic The DVD offers thorough instructions on making the gimmicked cards and performing the three effects. The cards are not difficult to make and only require some glue and basic materials and tools. The tricks are easy to learn and perform so this is a great kit for beginners. Among the three, “Poltergeist Deck” will require some basic card handling skills. The kit includes five magnets and ten Bicycle cards. You can watch a video by clicking here. Magnetic cards offer lots of possibilities and the “Mag Card DVD” package provides a strong starting point.

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