• 12,39€
    Tenyo Silk From Hanky T-10  The magician shows a handkerchief on both sides to the audience. He then drapes it over his left hand which is fisted. He pushes his right thumb into his fist which is covered by the handkerchief and produces a silk from it. He then cause the silk to disappear again in the same mysterious manner.   Comes brand new, boxed and...
  • 28,92€
    Magician shows a small hinged board containing two different colored  spots. He asks a spectator to name the colors and then closes the board.  Now he snaps his fingers and the board opens up showing that the spots  have changed color!
  • 33,05€
    Magician shows some different coins, a small tray and a glass. The glass (upside down ) is covered on a tray. A coin is pushed down, penetrates the glass.
  • 29,99€
    Magician shows a baggie (transparent envelop) and 2 playing cards.
  • 61,98€
    This is a collector's piece and for years no longer produced and/or sold by Tenyo Magic Co. Item is sealed in it's original package!
  • 29,99€
    The money box which is mysterious even if I take it
  • 144,62€
    Tenyo Menta Marvel T-158 Rare Discontinued Mind Magic! Incredibly Rare Collectable Magic!  The Magician writes a prediction of a colour on his mental note board. The prediction is covered and the spectator names any colour which is then written on the cover. This is repeated with the spectator�s favourite food and a freely chosen ESP symbol.
  • 41,31€
    Make handkerchiefs appear and change colors! Then produce a shower of confetti...Roll a sheet of paper into a tube, and make 3 handkerchiefs appear, one after the other! Insert a white handkerchief into the paper, and blow through one end of the
  • 69,99€
    This concept was originally going to be applied to a Piggy bank idea. A small sword was located near the opening of the Piggy bank, and when a coin was dropped into the box through this opening, the coin would appear to be cut in two by the blade.
  • 27,99€
    Two tricks in one. In this supernatural effect, you show that you have the power to move a bill with the power of your mind. The gimmick is cleverly hidden, making it appear as if you are using nothing more that ordinary household items.
  • 59,99€
    This is one of our favorites from the new Tenyo 2012 line!
  • 59,99€
    Tenyo Magic Painting
  • 70,24€
    The magician displays three sticks, each of which contains eight random designs. After turning his back, the magician instructs the spectator to select any one of those designs, and to stare at it intently, to lock it into his mind. The spectator
  • 59,99€
    An odd-looking gold finger is shown to rest inside of a box. “This is a replica of a legendary magician’s finger. It helped him to become extremely rich. Some people believe that the finger still contains some magic power.” The magician places
  • 36,99€
    A borrowed coin is dropped inside of a tube. The magician places a lid onto the tube and makes a magic gesture. The coin magically changes into a stream of water! This water is poured into another tube. The coin reappears from this second tube, and
  • 74,99€
    A green plastic cube with a small hole running through it is dropped into a black plastic chimney. The spectators can see the green cube through a rectangular opening as it reaches the far end of the chimney.
  • 29,99€
    This brilliant magic trick enables the magician to stab a pen through a dollar bill, and instantly restore the bill. Tenyo has obtained manufacturing rights from creator Doug Edwards, and has produced the prop with a brand new mechanism. Slip this
  • 57,84€
    Tenyo Grand Derby Prediction T-195 One of Tenyo's Finest!! You invite your spectator to play a horse racing game with you. Your spectator mixes up eight cards, each of which shows the picture of a racehorse, numbered from 1 through 8. You then mix

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